Sabrina & the Secret Santa Review


This was so stinking good. You’ve got this snobby, selfish girl who gets community service for driving with a permit who thinks she can pay her way out of it. Then you have a high school senior who forgot to do his service hours to graduate because he’s busy with wrestling and helping him mom raise an autistic teen.

I love when I read a story where I love to make fun of the rich person and their “problems” because I know they will go through a change. This was almost a reversal of the manic pixie dream girl, but the guy learns that it’s okay to take time for himself by the end of the book.

They have to help the community center with all of its holiday programs. Lots of festive customs and plenty of angst. It may be a short read, but it feels like a fully developed novel. This is the first I’ve read in the series and had no issue keeping up. However, it includes characters from earlier books, so I want to read those at some point.

If you want a holiday romance, that’ll make you shed a tear but mostly laugh and swoon, this will be great.

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